Friday, June 24, 2011

Karaage Chicken

the chicken

600g chicken thigh
100g potato starch
40g flour
sunflower oil for frying
one beer to sacrifice
shichimi (japanese 7 spice)

the marinade

20g garlic
40g fresh ginger
150ml soy
50ml mirin

side salad

1/8 cabbage
tall talk seasonal japanese greens,mizuna,mibuna,komatsuna,shungiku (when available)
spring onion
black and white toasted sesame seeds
sesame oil

To make the garlic ginger sauce peel and crush the garlic ,thinly slice the ginger, add the soy and mirin and let the flavor develop for half a day.

Cut chicken in to small easy to eat piece soak in beer for 3 hours this will tenderize the chicken.

Drain the chicken and add to well developed soy ginger marinade let this sit for 10 minutes,drain.

Combine potato starch, flour ,shichimi and completely coat each piece of chicken (will turn out more crispy if you do this step as you are frying )

Fry at 180 degrees until golden brown textured like sun. remove and drain on kitchen paper.

shred finely the cabbage and spring onions make a bed of greens ,serve and garnish with sesame oil,sesame seeds kupie (optional) and shichimi,