Monday, December 21, 2009

Coastal Bamboo

Sunshine Coast braces for flash floods high winds and heavy rainfall as storms sweep across from the west.
Formerly known as the Storm Coast, The Sunshine Coast is in a drought like no other, cracks in the earth show us the need for some rain.
Coastal Bamboo is still planning , planting and maintaining gardens across the coast. Native plants are used as well as clumping bamboo, tropical ginger, heliconias, fragrant trees and shrubs, cabinet timber trees, herb gardens , vegetable gardens, fruit trees, aquaculture & more. Coastal Bamboo supplies over 80 types of non invasive bamboo plants and poles.

Owner and Landscape Architect of Coastal Bamboo is Jacob Stuth. A passionate nature enthusiast, designing gardens for screening, shelter, fragrance, food and wildlife habitat. Jacob Studied Horticultural Technology at University of Queensland, Gatton Campus, then studied Landscape Architecture at QUT. He has travelled around the globe collecting ideas of design and knowledge of plants.
Coastal Bamboo is landscape design, creation and maintenance.

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