Sunday, September 29, 2013

Botanical Gardens Visit~ Victoria Seychelles

Seychelles plants are from another era in the earths history. The granite the islands are made of is 750million years old. For the past 65 million years Seychelles has remained separate from other parts of Gondwana. Today they form a remote archipelago of the east coast of Africa. The worlds largest seed grows here on the Coco De Mer palm, on the endangered list of rare worldwide plants. 
Today I walked through fruiting specimens of the female and male plants in awe. Other useful species growing are vanilla orchid, cinnamon, carambola, Tamarind, oil palm, cocoa,jackfruit,star apple, mango, nutmeg and breadfruit.
                              Leaf sheath with barbs to deter vegan Dinosaurs
                                                                 Female Coco De Mer
                                                Coco De Mer male plant with  flowers
Pandanus hornei Indigenous to the Seychelles an ancient plant from Gondwana
                                              Coco De Mer at the foot hill of Mt. Seychellios(905m)
              Aldalbra Giant Tortoise population 100 000 in the wild.

climbing over friends
                           Seychelles Aldabra Giant Tortoise 100yrs + old
                         Cannon Ball Tree Couroupita guianensis
Spikes to protect against predation by Dinosaurs